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Enter an arbitrary user name here with whom you may register later to the connected services and portals. The user name is not alterable later.


Choose your password here for your registration to the LOOK4 ID Service. The password must be at least 5 characters long and should consist of figures and letters.

Lost your password?

Should you once have forgotten your username and/or your password, you can let it be sent to you via e-mail. Use our form to do this. It is overridden on every request by a newly generated password.


According to the choice of the country in the LOOK4 applications the country-specific view of data like e.g. address or calendar date will be steered and also the display of country-specfic catalogs.


By choosing the language you define in which language the single application will be displayed to you. If the chosen language is not supported by an application, as a general rule the default language will be displayed (English or German).
Of course You are allowed in each application itself to decide which language should be displayed (as long as the application supports it).

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